Tucunare Lodge

Botes y Guías de pesca

Boats and fishing guides

Fishing will be held in 15-foot boats that are adequate for two people to fish comfortably. This boats has a 40Hp engine, 72Lts of gasoline, Ice freezing bucket, bottles with drinks to hydrate of 10Lts per day, all permission of navigation that are required from the Colombian authorities up to date, life saving jackets, first aids and one expert guide from the zone, from the SIKUANI Tribe.

Boats are made of welded aluminium, which gives them steadiness and speed. They are agile not only in navigation but also in fishing manoeuvring, they are capable of sorting out shallows and to access the most remote fishing areas.

GUIDES: TUCUNARÉ LODGE’S guides are from the indigenous community of SIKUANY, this makes them the ideal person for the job because they can guide us through their home in the jungle, where they know about the behaviour of the animals and its habits better than anyone. Our guides have inherited this from their ancestors. They are aware of the operation from every angle.

The passion with which they do their job reflects in the excellent results of the fishing of the customers that they lead. What is the secret of a good guide? In first place, is to be a fisherman with an Eagle eye and to love the fishing; in second place, being happy doing their job and enjoying the prizes that week by week our customers receive. This is one of the biggest secrets of our business.

"Fish is not measure by its size, but by the memory it leaves"
Botes y Guías de pesca

With hundreds of embarked fish through the years, these people will make your fishing adventure be one of the best adventures in your life.

The success of our guides is to give professional and kind service.