Tucunare Lodge


Fishing in the vichada river inside the mataven jungle

The Vichada River is one of the few rivers that haven’t been explored yet in Colombia for sport-fishing and the Tucunaré or Peacock Bass fishes that have been captured in this river are giant species which weight more than 26 pounds.

TUCUNARE LODGE has come to an agreement with the indigenous communities of the SIKUANI ethnic in the zone and special permissions has been given to us, to be able to operate in this river and lakes that never have been fished. We will gather a maximum of 8 fishermen per week; this is to keep the area as intact as possible.

We have designed a 7 days fishing trip. 5 fishing days of the giant Tucunaré or Pavón and of some other species in the Vichada river on its many lagoons, followed by 2 complete days of fishing in the famous Orinoco River in the torrents of the death region, where you could capture the big Payara/Vampire Fish, Sardinata Real/Golden Fish, Bagre/Cat Fish, among others.

Counting with the advantage and comfort of being able to stay near the lagoons of the Vichada River, it makes us stand out against other operators in Colombia. If you will, this allows you to fish from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and some times part of the night, in addition to this, you will be in a place with less fishing pressure… You just step out of your bed and you could be right on fishing!

Fishing with flies is a wonderful technic, not only to hook Peacock Bass, but also to look for other species with amazing results, most of all in the Orinoco. Most of the speedy species as Bicuda, Pirapitinga/Morocoto and Payaras are located close to the rapids and rapid waters; the fast line of your reel will come out at a accelerated pace, so gloves must be used to avoid any cuts or burns.

Pirapitinga/Morocoto eats basically nuts and fruits, but they also would take small plants, spoons, baits and flies when the river is low and fruits are not available. This fish can grow huge! Catfish or Bagres including Surubim/Tiger, Jundia/Leopard, Jau, Redtails, Dorado/Golden and White Piraiba.

The level of the river keeps on the minimum margins of the rivers. Peacok bass are easier to hook while most of Catfish and other depredators can be found in the entire season.

"Fish is not measure by its size, but by the memory it leaves"

It is magnificent the action that you can get with the Giant Tucunaré Temensis, Royal, Popoca/Monoculus and Butterfly Peacock Bass using baits on the surface, poppers, walking lures, propeller, etc. They are excellent in the many lagoons and underwater trees along the sandbanks. You can also use buck tail jigs and other baits and flies.

By the river we will also find a great number of CatFish for a depth fishing, there are abundant other depredators species including the Payara, Bicuda, Matrincha/Bocon, Sandinata, Pirapitinga/Morocoto