Tucunare Lodge


Our facilities

Our cabins are located at a strategic place at the Vichada riverside, equipped with all the comfort of a hotel room but in the middle of the jungle, shower, toilet, fan, clean laundry on beds every day and a working desk.

For TUCUNARE LODGE it is mainly important the wellbeing of our customers
Counting with the advantage and comfort of being able to stay near the lakes of the Vichada River, it makes us stand out against other operators in Colombia. If you will, this allows you to fish from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and some times part of the night, in addition to this, you will be in a place with less fishing pressure … You just step out of your bed and you could be right on fishing!

Our cabins are our element of differentiation from competition, which gives to our fishermen high safety standards and comfort.

Although there are other Sport-Fishing operators that offer camps in some riversides, the areas where they are located are rapidly overloaded with fishermen. In comparison, we are the only operators in the Vichada River zone, which is a crucial aspect to achieve a good fishing event.

¡TUCUNARE LODGE is the way of enjoying Sport-Fishing with comfort and safty!

We provide electric light, drinking water, fridges and freezers to give you the best service.

Each cabin has two double beds totally equipped with comfy mattresses, “Toldillo” (mosquito nets) and independent fan for each bed.