Tucunare Lodge


We have designed a 7 days fishing trip. 5 fishing days of the giant Tucunaré or Peacock Bass and of some other species in the Vichada river on its many lagoons, followed by 2 complete days of fishing in the famous Orinoco River in the torrents of the death region, where you could capture the big Payara/vampire Fish, Sardinata Real/Golden fish, Bagre/Catfish, among others.

Been aware of the importance of keeping the place as intact as possible, we will only take groups of 8 fishermen per week.

  • Destination: Tucunaré Lodge – Vichada River
  • Zone: Orinoco River - Cuencas
  • Country: Colombia
  • September to November Season: CatFish, Payaras, Sardinatas.
  • December to May Season: Peacock Bass, Payara, CatFish, Pirapitinga / Morocoto
  • Trip type: Jungle Adventure Fishing trip - Rustic Lodge
  • Species: 4 tipes of peacock bass or Tucunaré including the Giant Cichla Temensis, Royal, Popoca / Monoculus y Butterfly Peacock Bass, Payara, Bicuda, Matrinchá / Bocon, Sardinata, pirapitinga / Morocoto and Catfish of diferent species and size including: Surubim / Tiger, Jundia / Leopard, Jau , Redtails, Dorado / Oro y Piraíba “White”.
  • Description: Rustic Cabins in the middle of the Mataven Jungle.
  • Approximate cost: See the link
  • Days of fishing: 8 days trip, 6 complete days of fishing, and half a day (Additional) “Day of arrival“
  • Limited bookings: 8 people per week.



Day 1: Arrival at Bogotá and to the hotel in the city

Day 2: Flight from Bogotá to Puerto Inírida and boat transfers through the Vichada River to TUCUNARÉ LODGE place.

Day 3 to 6: 4 complete days of fishing at the Vichada River

Day 7 to 8: 2 complete days of fishing at the Orinoco River

Day 9: Return to Puerto Inirida and return flight to Bogotá when it's time to remember all the experiences lived in this great adventure

Fishing plans Vichada river



November 22 to November 30, 2019

Availability 12 Bookings

November 29 to December 07, 2019

Availability 8 Bookings

November 18 to November 26, 2016

Availability 6 Bookings

December 06 to December 14, 2019

Availability 12 Bookings

December 13 to December 21, 2019

Availability 4 Bookings

January 03 to January 11, 2018

Availability 0 SOLD

January 17 to January 25, 2020

Availability 6 Bookings

January 24 to February 01, 2020

Availability 0 SOLD

January 31 to February 8, 2020

Availability 0 SOLD

February 07 to February 15, 2020

Availability 0 SOLD

February 14 to February 22, 2020

Availability 5 Bookings

February 21 to February 29, 2019

Availability 0 SOLD

February 28 to March 7, 2020

Availability 0 SOLD

March 06 to March 14, 2020

Availability 10 Bookings

March 13 to March 21, 2020

Availability 0 SOLD

March 20 to March 28, 2020

Availability 0 SOLD

March 27 to April 04, 2020

Availability 0 SOLD

April 03 March to April 11, 2020

Availability 0 SOLD

Abril 10 al 18 de Abril de 2020

Availability 12 Bookings

April 17 with April 25, 2020

Availability 12 Bookings

¡CATCH AND RELEASE! Is the best option to maintain the conservation of the species.


6 complete days of fishing, 7 nights at the LODGE house based on double accommodation, all meals included whilst you are inside the Lodge, drinks (non alcoholic).

Flights Bogotá – Puerto Inírida – Bogotá, laundry every day, fishing licences, guided fishing (two fishermen per boat), hotel stays in the city the first night of your arrival (this only applies to foreign tourist), airport assistance and transport from and to the airport.

* We offer the option to rent all the fishing equipment at our LODGE, but we advise all fishermen to bring their own fishing personal kit and appropriate baits or lures.



National or international flight tickets from or to origin city, fishing kit, baits, visas or passport (there is no need of a visa for the entry to Colombia), meals in the city or in any other place that is not inside de Lodge, associated costs to any medical issue or medicine that you need for the trip, other hotel stays in other places if necessary and tips for guides.

*All Fishermen must bring an up to date yellow fever vaccine certificate.

*A deposit of 50% is necessary to book the best fishing week of your life. The balance must be payed 15 days before the start date of the trip.

*Prices are shown in US Dollars and they might change depending on the currency variation in Colombia. Please consult exact prices

** The limited weight for baggage is 15Kg per passenger per flight and 5Kg in cabin. For each extra 1Kg, the airline will charge approximately 4,00 USD in addition. You don’t need to bring extra baggage as we offer everyday laundry cleaning.