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Agujetos Llanero/Needlefish (Ctenolucius Hujeta)

The agujetos are prey species of freshwater fish with fusiform body and sharp snout, which voraciously attack artificial lures. They are abundant in the streams and lakes of Meta, Guainía, Casanare, Arauca and Vaupés.

As a curious fact, when at night, lanterns illuminate the water where inhabit these fish, accidents might happen, because excited agujetos by the glow, could jump out of the water to bump hard the spot of light, possibly hitting the face of viewers.

In Sport fishing, the agujeto can be fished throwing the wire or with depth of it. Low line protection is indispensable.

Common name: Freshwater Barracuda. Needle, Agugetos, Agujeta, Agujeto, stinger. Characid-alligator. In English it is called "Hujeta", "Gar characin" or "Silver Pike Characin". Ctenolucius hujeta.


¡CATCH AND RELEASE! Is the best option to maintain the conservation of the species.