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Bagre Dorado / Laulao Catfish (Brachyplatystoma vaillantii)

It is a species from the coast. It feeds on fish, crustaceans and molluscs. In artisanal fisheries are captured specimens from 42 cms to 180 cms, its maximum height is 210 cm total length; maximum weight 40 kg and maximum age 5 years.

For fishermen, the Dorado is the most important resource, because of the volume of the captures and because it’s fishing is widely known. It ranked first (35% - 40%) in exports of white fish (fresh and frozen) over the period 2000-2003. Locally is massive consumed product. His (raw) meat is whitish tending to pink, excellent quality. Its skin is used to make leather, with which purses can be made, wallets, key chains and similars.

This fish bites at bottom or drifting with live natural bait. You have long battles when you are fishing with rod and reel. Endowed with exceptional strength, this catfish is considered as a great trophy for its size and brave defence.


¡CATCH AND RELEASE! Is the best option to maintain the conservation of the species.