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Curvina or Donkey (Plagioscion squamosissimus)

Bass curbinata (Plagioscion squamosissimus) is a species of fish in the Sciaenidae family in the Perciformes order.

Males can reach 80 cm in total length and 4,500 g weight. It has a black spot near the base of the pectoral fins. It is tropical climate and freshwater fish. They can be found In South America in: The Amazon, Orinoco, Parana, Paraguay and San Francisco rivers, and also rivers of the Guianas.

The Curbinata or misnamed Donkey by the peculiar sound it makes when out of the water, are well distributed throughout the basin of the Orinoco and Amazon river, in the waters of the Pavón (Peacocks), making them good alternative targets. They tend to occupy deeper oxygenated waters often near the birth of the lake and away from the coastal areas, which are often visited by Pavóns (peacocks).


¡CATCH AND RELEASE! Is the best option to maintain the conservation of the species.