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Flatwhiskered catfish (Pinirampus Pirinampu)

This is a fish species of the Pimelodidae Family in Siluriformes order. The males can reach 120 cm in total length and 7,680g weight. It feeds on benthic animals. It is a freshwater and tropical climate (22 ° C-28 ° C) fish.

They can be found in South America in the Amazon, Essequibo, Orinoco and Parana rivers. This fish has a predilection for shady rivers. It is very abundant in Meta, Guaviare, Guayabero, Tomo and Ariari Rivers.

It is a bottom fish and you catch them with natural bait and sinker. It shows an acceptable opposition when engaged with lightweight equipment, thin line.


¡CATCH AND RELEASE! Is the best option to maintain the conservation of the species.