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It is the second species in size and abundance in the Amazon and Orinoco basins. It is often confused with Payara, is smaller in size, gregarious features, it always presents in shoals so when the fisherman locates a Payarin he could catches this fish by the dozens.

They has rush voracity and compete with the same qualities of the Payara, the Payarín remains long periods of time in some parts of the river, sometimes for days or weeks, while good chance of getting food persist in the area. For this reason he can be found in the births of the rivers, in the water swirls or near palisades at the edge of the stream.

Payarín body is admirably equipped for rapid movement in the water. Laterally compressed, discrete size, its short ventral edge cuts through the water as a sharp knife or machete ... The thickness of its body is greatly reduced towards the caudal and cephalic extremities. The pectoral fins are very spacious; the insertion of the first dorsal fin is much upper body, and the size of the ventral fins is very small.


¡CATCH AND RELEASE! Is the best option to maintain the conservation of the species.