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Valentón / CatFish

The Valentón is large headed, relatively small eyes located in the centre of the skull and has three pairs of sensory barbell, it has the body covered by a smooth and shiny skin, without scales and plaques, covered with a semi-transparent mucous secretion. The teeth are arranged in double line. The adult weighs over 250 kg and 3 m.

Valentón hunt day and night, even more active at night. They eat smaller scaled fish. In the Amazon and in many of its major lakes, during the summer, it is possible to see Valentón spectacular jumps. Fish up to 200 kg emerge of the water clearly showing to the sun in all its magnificent corpulence, falling back into the water, a thud is heard several hundred meters.

Some professional fishermen say that trying to stop an adult Valentón with 80 to 100 pounds nylon is equivalent to oppose the run of a 10Tons truck with a weak rope.

Unlike North America and Europe, where sport fishing is only possible with multiple restrictions and reduced number of species, in the Orinoco and Amazon Rivers still can be captured without limitations these bulky specimens that would be worldwide considered as first-class sports trophies.

However, some fishermen in the Amazon and Black River develop fishing as a survivor activity. These fish usually take refuge in underwater caves or palisades. The turbidity of the great rivers and the danger of currents and palisades make operation extremely difficult.


¡CATCH AND RELEASE! Is the best option to maintain the conservation of the species.