El Río Vichada is one of the few rivers in Colombia that has not been explored for sport fishing, and the peacock bass or tucunare caught here are monstrous, weighing over 26 pounds.

TUCUNARE LODGE has reached an agreement with the indigenous communities of the SIKUANI ethnic group in the area, and special permits have been granted to operate on the river and lagoons that have never been fished before. We will host groups of up to 8 fishermen per week, and for this reason, we keep the area as pristine as possible.

We have designed a 7-day fishing trip with 5 days of catching giant peacock bass or tucunare and other species in the many lagoons of the Vichada River, followed by 2 full days of fishing in the famous Orinoco River in the Raudales del muerto sector, where you can catch large Payara/Vampire Fish, Sardinata Real/Golden Fish, Catfish, and other species.

As our cabins are located near the lagoon system of the Vichada River with all the comforts of a country house, we stand out from other operators in the Colombian Orinoquia area, so we can provide fishing services from 06 a.m. to 6 p.m. and part of the night, in addition to being in places with less fishing pressure.

Fly fishing is a wonderful way not only to target Peacock Bass but also to seek other species with surprising results, especially in the Orinoco. Most of the fastest species are found near rapids and fast water, such as Bicuda, pirapitinga/Morocoto, and Payara. The strong line of your reel will go at a dizzying pace, and pruning gloves should be used to prevent cuts and burns.

Pirapitinga/Morocoto are predominantly nut and fruit foragers, but they will take jigs, spoons, lures, and flies with abandon when the river is low and fruits are not available.

These fish can grow huge!
Catfish or bragres include Surubim/Tiger, Jundia/Leopard, Jau, Redtails, Dorado/Oro, and ‘White’ piraíba.

The water levels remain within the minimum margins of the rivers. Peacock bass or tucunare are easier to attack, and while most catfish and other predators can be found throughout the season due to lower water levels and ease of finding them.

The action with the giant tucunare temensis, Royal, Popoca/Monoculus, and Butterfly Peacock Bass using surface prop baits, poppers, walkers, torpedoes, etc., is magnificent, particularly in the numerous lagoons and against submerged trees, in front of points and along sandbanks. Excellent subsurface action can also be had using carp baits, bucktail jigs with extended tails, and other lures and flies.

In the river, we will also find a large number of catfish/bagres for bottom fishing, there is an abundance of many other predators including Payara, Bicuda, Matrinchá/Bocon, Sardinata, pirapitinga/Morocoto.