BOATS: The fishing will be carried out in 15-foot boats adapted for two people to fish comfortably. These boats have a 40hp motor, 72 liters of gasoline, an ice chest, a thermos with 10 liters of daily hydrating drinks, all the navigation permits required by the Colombian authorities, life jackets, a first aid kit, and an experienced guide from the fishing areas of the SIKUANI tribe.

The boats are made of welded aluminum, which gives them strength and speed. They are agile both in navigation and in fishing maneuvers and are capable of navigating shallow waters and accessing the most remote fishing areas.

GUIDES: The guides at TUCUNARE LODGE belong to the Sikuany indigenous community. Who better than them, who live in the jungle and know the behaviors of animals and their habitat, this legacy has been passed down to them by their ancestors from generation to generation. They know the operation from all angles.

The pleasure with which they carry out their work is reflected in the excellent results of our clients’ fishing. What is the secret of a good guide? First and foremost, it is being a fisherman with eagle vision and a love for fishing. Secondly, it is being happy with their work environment and enjoying the trophies that our clients obtain week after week. This is one of the secrets of our business.

With thousands of fish caught over the years, these are the people who will make your fishing one of the greatest adventures of your life.

The success of our guides lies in satisfying you with quality and professionalism.